Last weekend we decided with Jola to go for a spontaneous trip to Ardennes in Belgium. We hoped to see beautiful autumn. Right after work we rented a car and hit the road and after only few hours we arrived to Bouillon.

Our plan was as follows: on Saturday we decided to do a full-day hiking and on Sunday nothing but chill. Bouillon is located by the river Semois. Although hills around are not very high, hikers can still choose a lot of uphill trails.

We started hiking in Bouillon around an hour before the sunrise. Thick fog covered whole valley and blocked all views from the lower points.

After around an hour we reached the viewpoint. An artificial platform offered 360 degrees views on covered in clouds valley and towns below us.

Our starting point, Bouillon, was hidden somewhere in these clouds.

Middle of the forest offered equally beautiful conditions. Soft mist illuminated by first rays of sun made perfect light for photography.

North-west slopes remained a bit spooky for a long time.

Our route was following Semois river, with some parts going uphill and some just sticking to the river banks.

Ardennes are neither too high nor too steep, so there are not a lot of viewpoints that offer wide view.

One of the most popular spots is a viewpoint with a view at The Giant's Tomb (fr. Le Tombeau du Géant). It is a small hill in the bend of the river, covered by trees that form a shape of a cross (as Internet claims, I think it's hardly visible).

The Tomb of a Giant

The bridge in Bouillon was an ending point of our 30km long route.

Finally we made 30 kilometres during 8 hours. Map was generated using Sport Tracker app.

Plan for Sunday was definitely more relaxed. I decided to shoot sunrise by the Tomb of the Giant, but when I arrived there everything was covered in the mist and there was absolutely no view. I did some driving trying to find nice compositions to picture this sunny, calm morning.

Morning in Bouillon. Due to its location, Bouillon remains covered in mist for long morning hours.

Rising sun and thick mist guarantees perfect photography conditions.

When I first previewed this photo on my laptop I immediately thought about photos I was taking few years ago back in my hometown. Regardless some composition imperfections, I immediately liked it.

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